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Welcome to Fine European Market Inc.

Our facility offers a huge assortment of imported European products from well known suppliers.
We offer a wide range of foods, such as: gourmet meats, sausages and cheeses, specialty pickled vegetables, cookies, chocolates, coffee and tea, non-alcoholic beverages and much more. 

Our goal and commitment is customer satisfaction.
Having this in mind, we only import the best quality with the highest standards.
Fine European Market Inc. will continue to grow and expand its product line both retail and food service in order to meet the changing needs and tastes of our customers with the same commitment of providing the best quality products at the most reasonable prices.


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Product List


We offer a variety of gourmet meats such as: smoked meat, suho meso, pork bacon, sudzuk, Bosnian sausage, albanian sausage, chicken bologna, salami, lamb, cevapi, sudzukice,pileci parizer.

Coffee and Tea

We have several types of coffee such as:
Minas, Saraj, Aroma,Doncafe, Grand, Zlatna Dzezva, as well as tea, such as:Blueberry, Rosehip,Camomile,lipa,Lemon,
Majcina dusica,Slim-x,Hibiscus.

Cookies and Chocolate

You have come to the right place for your favorite European chocolates, sweets and cookies. We have many types of delicious white or dark chocolates, sweets and cookies from Poland, Bosnia, Croatia, Germany and Serbia including brands such as: Milka, Napolitanka and Jadro, Kras and so many more.

Food seasoning and cake making

This original combination of spices and dried vegetables makes application limitless:
from vegetables and meat to stews and grills, from simple dishes to more complex specialties.Enjoy the culinary imaginations and make cooking a fantasy.Whether you are a frequent baker or someone who has never baked before, we have all the right ingredients and ideas for your wonderful cake.

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